Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Before the clock strike 12 tonite to end the year 2015, I wish all my friends and readers Happy New Year.  Hope every one will have a better year next year. This year as we know a lotsa things has happen to our country. We just pray to god that things will look better in 2016. Hopefully everything will go the way where all Malaysian want it to be. 

For the 2016 book I will try my to fill each and every page with a good story of my life. I will also try to fill my blog as often as possible.  I know I have neglected my blog for sometimes.  YienYien and Rose Wong keep on nagging me about me neglecting my blog.  RLOL! she will remind me everytime she talk to me how many days that I have not blog.  Thanks to this two that I did not just dessert my blog just like that. Hope 2016 will have more post in my blog.