Sunday, May 25, 2014

Han's Dim Sum @ Central Park 3rd Mile (HALAL)

There is a new dim sum join open up at Central Park 3rd Mile.  The dim sum they serve is halal.  Carol invited us over for food tasting before I flew off to HK last month. The shop name are Han's Dim Sum.

 photo P4123832_zps007a5049.jpg

 photo P4123834_zpsd006fa78.jpg

 photo P4123835_zps1f8540da.jpg

 photo P4123836_zpsada3d2c5.jpg

They have variety of dim sum for you to choose from you can order their starter ala carte for RM16.88 where you will get 6 types of dimsum.

  1. Chef "Pick" of the Day
  2. Chicken Ham Roll
  3. Seaweed Roll
  4. Braised Chicken Wing
  5. Century Egg Siew Mai
  6. Chicken and Mushroom Siew Mai

 photo P4123851_zps686b703b.jpg

 photo P4123852_zps7c18d925.jpg

 photo P4123855_zps4ca88562.jpg

 photo P4123854_zps51c75e19.jpg

 photo P4123857_zpsc9dc9a3a.jpg

 photo P4123858_zps0fbde6c5.jpg

For brunch you may order the Chicken Rice In Lotus Leaf Wrapped RM4.50

 photo P4123838_zps6f6960f0.jpg

 photo P4123840_zpsd3dacb53.jpg

You can choose other choices of ala carte dim sum from their menu too.  

I like this bun very much but I could not remember the name.  The bun was so cute right? Does the shape remind you guys of something?.....*yienyien text me to tell me that this bun is called kung fu bun minutes after i post up this blog post....LOL!!*

 photo P4123844_zps46323505.jpg

 photo P4123850_zps5ecb41d8.jpg

 photo P4123848_zpsc9cb5723.jpg

Soon they will be expanding to food court in the mall.  Yeah a halal dim sum place for me to hang out with my muslim friend for early morning yam cha. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mining for the Best Seafood

Fish & Co.’s latest outlet will be opened on June 1st, 2014 at The Mines.  Fish & Co at The Mines will be the 4th outlet for the seafood chain.

The seafood restaurant is also launching a whole range of new menut items while keeping it tru to the brand's uniqueness of serving 'seafood in a pan'

1. Clams with Sambal Sauce 
Taste the freshness and sweetness of the clams in sambal sauce (previously only Curry Sauce) served with warm bread.

2. Baked White Fish with Mozza Cheese
A cheesy creation of spiced baked fish topped with mozzarella cheese

3. Grilled Parmesan White Fish
Delicate fish fillet stuffed with parmesan cheese and served with Fish & Co.’s signature lemon butter sauce

4. Fried Chicken with Peri-peri Prawns
Fish & Co.’s interpretation of Surf n’ Turf with crispy juicy chicken thigh and succulent Peri-Peri prawns.

5. Fry-kings Platter
A pan-ful of golden calamari, prawn fritters, white fish, fried chicken and curry butter clams, served with mashed potatoes and paella rice that comes together in a hearty meal.

6. Fishermen's Platter
Get thrilled with this grilled pan of calamari, mussels, fish fillet, baked prawns and juicy tender grilled chicken! All served on a bed of mashed potatoes and paella rice.

The new outlet will be officially launched on 1st June 2014 and as a reward to the loyal customers of Fish & Co., everyone is treated to The Best Fish & Chips in Town for only RM 1 for the first 50 pax at 12pm and 6pm every Saturday and Sunday at Fish & Co. The Mines.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten28ight Boutique Cafe @ Desa Sri Hartamas

After my trip to Hong Kong last April I stayed back in KL for 5 days.  I am not sure what to do then so I was looking around in groupon to see if there is good deal that I can grab.  So I came across this cafe groupon,  High Tea for 2 person cost RM38.  I decided to give it a try, invited George to go with me.

The cafe is nice, cozy and it has very nice ambience too. The place a  nice place to hang out with friends. We sat down by the window.

 photo P4265875_zpsa4431506.jpg

The menu for the groupon consist of 1 slice of cakes, savoury pastries, french pastries and 2 hot drinks.

Cake (RM10.90 – RM12.90 value) - choose 1 from:
Cake of the day
Mille crepe
Banana peanut butter cake
Mango cheesecake
Chocolate mousse
Blueberry cheesecake
Almond praline
Red velvet
Peach supreme cake
Passion mousse cake
2x Verrine (RM11.80 total value)

I choose Passion Mousse Cake,  it is so so sour, though it was really refreshing.  I did not get to finish it (although I was so tempted to do so) I scared at gastric attack. George finish all of it. 

 photo P4265879_zpsb788ab6b.jpg

Savoury pastries (RM10.80 value):
Curry puff
SamosaMini chicken pie
Spring rolls

Those highlight was serve to me.  I like the quiche and curry puff. 

 photo P4265869_zpsbbac0159.jpg

French pastries
2x Tart (RM7 value)
2x Parfaits (RM10 value)
2x Macarons (RM5.60 value)

We are served with 1 chocolate tart and 1 fruit tart.  I took the fruit tart.  It was just cream and some berries on top. I am not into their macarons though as it was too sweet for my liking.  There are no parfaits on our tray but there is a mini blueberry cakes and a cream puff.  It think they have substitute parfaits with it. Cream Puff is so so only. 

 photo P4265870_zpsc1f6fd8d.jpg

Drinks (RM11.80 value) - choose 2 from:
Hot coffee
Hot tea
Hot flower tea

My usual black coffee.....(I know I know,  I should be having high tea with tea / flower tea.  I need my caffeine shots for the day....)

 photo P4265866_zps2032ccca.jpg

 photo P4265868_zpsdcacb8ae.jpg

While we were enjoying the delicated pastries and cakes there is a candle at our table,  at first I thought it was real candle. Until I really look at it properly it was not.  RLOL.  

 photo P4265877_zps50e20255.jpg

Address of the cafe : 
Jalan 22b/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Farewell to LCCT - 09/05/14

We bid farewell to LCCT yesterday.  My last trip to HK was the last time I travel thru LCCT.  It was a great few years of travel with LCCT. Always remember hanging around there for hours before the connecting flight or i reached the airport earlier.  The forever crowded airport,  McDonald was best place to hang out.  Kind of sad though.  Bye bye LCCT you have been a great place.

Hello KLIA 2,  hopefully you will stay cheap as LCCT.  Don't burn my pocket with all the extra charges that you charge Air Asia.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hong Kong trip coming soon!

Hi Guys,

I am editing and compiling my picture of my recent trip to HK.  I will try to put up all about it as soon as I have sort out the picture. 1997 pictures is not easy to compile.  

 photo P4174698_zps3185f674.jpg

My one and only Hong Kong Skyline at night. Taken at Victoria Peak. My camera told me "Battery Empty" right after this picture was taken. I got so frustrated! Lukily this pic came out to be a nice pic~