Friday, March 7, 2014

Sing Kwang Big Pau @ Jalan Padungan

This shop is famous for their super big steamed pork bun.  They have been there for more then 30 yrs or maybe 40 yrs. I love their steamed bun very much.  The meat is well seasoned and not dry.  The one thing that for sure is that their egg is getting smaller.

 photo PB302832_zps962ce5a6.jpg

 photo PB302833_zps7c245854.jpg

The plate I use is the plastic plate that I got from Ikea.  If you have that plate you might know the size of it. :)

 photo PB302834_zpsda2795b1.jpg

Tiny quarter of egg in there....sad....but it was still ok I still love it.