Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Food Bazaar @ The Spring, Kuching

Few months ago The Spring management has contacted few of the bloggers for a food testing at the Food Bazaar.  As there is a few new stall coming up at their food court.  They now house I Love Yoo, Ayiko, Indonesian Food, Kebab and etc etc.  I was kind of surprise to see there is so many new outlet.  According to Roger Ling,  they are planning to revamp the whole food court next year. There will be new look for the food court next year.  Which I am very very excited about it.

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I Love Yoo

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The Soy Bean Milk is so nyummy! It was creamy and thick!

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Indonesian Food

The owner was a chef before and his wife is from Bali.  I guess the food is authentic.  As the recipe is from his wife.
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My mom's favourite. We go to their shop at Jalan Song alot.  Their shop is always so crowded.  Now we can have it here with air cond and space.
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Beef Noodles

I love the beef noodles.  I guess this is at the top list of my favourite beef noodle!

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 photo P7201564_zps11b82b0f.jpg

Nyonya Food

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This beef rendang is really good! Falling in love with it!
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Foochow Food

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Yong Tau Fu

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Hot Plate

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Ice Cream

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Portugese Food

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Chicken Rice

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Japanese Food

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Smoke duck yakitori! NYUM NYUM! Love it
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Pete Western

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According to Roger they use paper box for tabao instead of polystyrene.  Which is very environmental friendly.  Although is a bit expensive but it is worth it to save our earth!

 photo P7201571_zpsc1a93564.jpg

Our table is full of good food from each of the stall.

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