Monday, August 18, 2014

Hong Kong 2014 - Day 2 : Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園)

Next stop is Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) to have our brunch Gage Street.  We took more than hour to find the place. From a lot of review on the net they are famous for their milk tea  which is known as pantyhose milk tea in Hong Kong (絲襪奶茶). Basically is something like our Teh C / Teh C Peng here.       

 photo 5516139521_56fc7e872d_z_zpscbd534e0.jpg
**Picture from google

 photo P4153977_zpsb1799a9d.jpg

 photo P4153963_zps5f3f6a12.jpg

 photo P4153971_zps3d418e08.jpg
Pantyhose Milk Tea (絲襪奶茶)

 photo P4153976_zpsfbe6c51a.jpg
Condensed Milk Butter Bun

 photo P4153968_zps3b58ffa7.jpg
Pork Chop Bun

I love the Chicken Wing with Rou Ting Noodles.  Rou Ting mean pork cubes, this is the fresh Rou Ting.  The one we have in malaysia are mostly in can.

 photo P4153964_zpsf155036f.jpg
Chicken Wing and Rou Ting Noodles

 photo P4153974_zps4288b852.jpg
French Toast