Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kuching Festival 2017 - Kuching Food Festival (Part -2)

Yesterday evening my colleagues ask me to go to Kuching Fest with them. This time I am just lazy to drive. I use Uber to go there it cost me RM2.96 from my house. So cheap, save petrol and time to go around to look for a carpark.  Uber dropped me at the main door. The only things I worried about is that i won't be able to get an Uber back home but i thought since my colleague is there and everybody is driving, if i can't get an Uber home they will sure drop me home.  After the stuffing and pigging session I tried to get an Uber.  There is Uber, and it cost me RM2.86 to go home. Pick up point main door of Kuching Fest.

Back to the food part.  There is one side of Kuching Fest that i did not manage to explore.

I spotted my Durian Puff Stall, this year the price has increase to RM4.  I guess by next year if it increase again i will not buy anymore. RM4 is to expensive for a small puff with durian filling

After that we go around to find food for Ivy and Evonne.  So we pass by this stall, where they call out in chinese saying that come try the healthy sandwich. "Healthy sandwich" caught my attention. The guy said can have some sampling where they give out.

RM 8 per sandwich. It was not healthy at all. It was fried bread with 1 slice tomato, 1 slice cucumber, half pak lo egg, some ham and tuna. 

I also pick up my favourite Yam Kueh. Price increases too. RM 2 for 3 pieces. If it keep on increasing like this kind of not worth to eat now. I can get good yam cake after this too. 

Ivy and Evonne wanted to get the fried potato. So we pass by this stall saw a lot of ppl so we get it from there.  There is a lot of choices of sauces and flavour to choose from.

This stick of potato cost me RM4

We went back to our table to check out what has my the other colleagues got.

Dennis got Salted Fish Pork Bun. Decent taste.

RM3 per piece. 

And some Rainbow colour crepe from Rainbow Dash

This 7 crepe cost RM10. I did not try but according to dennis there is diff taste in it. there is like Ramen, nutella, banana and etc.

Our colleague who is in line to buy this stuffed chicken wing ask us if we want any.  We said get 1 to try. Taste wise? Pepper taste only. The riche they use is short grain rice. 

RM8.50 per piece.

The Lord of Fries, RM10 per set. To much flour on the potato which actually kill the taste of potato. 

The famous thai mango ice cream or Shakes, RM18. Ice cream taste was ok but nothing special. Mango on it I have taste better mango then this. The mango flavour doesn't even linger in your mouth after. The fruit is quite bland not to sweet which is good but it is bland.

Cheesy meat ball RM12. I can't judge as by the time we eat it, it was already cold and the cheese is not melting anymore.

My colleague bought a Hokkaido Toast bread which I did not manage to take picture. It was RM10, it was just bread with mozarella cheese. Just cheese and white bread that is all.

So this was my second part of Kuching Festival Food. I feel like this year the food is all so expensive. Some of it was not even worth the price tag. Maybe I should go there and survey the best deal for Cheap eat at Kuching Fest. What do your guys thing? Leave me some comment below.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kuching Festival 2017 - Kuching Food Festival (Part -1)

Kuching Fest 2017 started last friday, I only get to go this evening as the last two day I guess it will be hot and crowded so I choose to go today.  It was a hot and sunny weather here in Kuching.

So the food hunt begin with me going round and round looking for a parking space. I was planning to take an Uber there.  I scared that it will be hard for me to get an Uber back home later. Driving it is. Getting a parking spot after half an hour later and half a mile away. RLOL! Squeezing thru the thousands of foodies.......

Here you go my haul for tonite....

RLOL! I forgot the name it korean something. They sell smoke meat. There is smoke duck and pork i guess.  Cause i do not know how to read chinese character.  A funny story happen at the stall just now. I was waiting for the owner to pack my food. A guy came over ask the owner what is he selling, the owner said "neh all the menu is in front." So the guy look at me and I look at him....He no need to ask I told him "I am not sure also i just buy cause i dunno how to read chinese too". I turn to the owner and said "Not all kuching ppl know how to read chinese lah"

This potion of smoked duck is RM10

This one is RM4 per stick

  Ice Cream Spring Roll. Shaved peanut candy with vanilla ice cream with cilantro (Yeah you heard me cilantro) I one is my favourite so far. Sweet candied peanut shaving pair with the normal vanilla ice cream and that cilantro freshness is heavenly!

According to the guy there their block of candied peanut is been ship from Taiwan.

Ice cream is RM 4

My brother bought the Orh Kueh(Yam Cake). The Orh Kueh is good with a lot of topping.

RM5 for this portion all the topping has drop to the side.

Errrr this i don't know how to read. RLOL! They sell bbq meat on skewer. The spices that they put on the meat taste like the mongolian spices.  Quite good.

RM 3 per skew.

This stall also I do not know how to read.  Follow the number of the stall. Taste wise quite good. I just wish the meet is a bit fatty so it wont be so dry.  (I just love fatty pork. Anything with a lil bit of lard it will be heaven).The owner said the person who prepare it did not stir it properly to mix the juice with the meat. Maybe you will be more lucky to have the juicier one as the boss may qc on the one who prepare it. :) Give it a try it was good.

Fried Mantou with Ham and Cheese RM3

 Steamed Mantou with pork RM 2 (one of the cheapest things that I an get at food fest)

I forgot to take the picture of the stall but it was the same row as the Spring Roll Ice Cream. I walk pass and over heard the stall owner and an aunty conversation.  He mention Salt Egg Yolk Croissant. I go "ping"! Ordered Salt Egg Yolk Croissant and Cream Cheese Croisant. Decent croissant, cream cheese was ok. Haven't tried the Salt Egg Yolk one yet as I am too full to eat further.

I got free Cinnamon bread for buy the croissant.

Got Otak Otak from this stall, not really that good. Ok only. Bought the Fish and the Prawn otak otak.

Fried Cheezy Roll

When reach home the cheezy roll is cold. I throw into the microwave for awhile to heat it up. The cheese ooze out. A melting cheesy moment goodness....RLOL. My mom approve!

Saw this on the way out. Maybe will give it a try next time.

 That is all for the first trip to Kuching food fest.  Comment down below what should I try next and if you have tried the same food that i tried to tonite tell me how do you like them.