Monday, August 22, 2016

Teo Chew Lor @ 1 Utama

Early of this year, I went to KL with my family for a lil CNY shopping.  My mom and brother are the fussy eater.  Finding good food for them is quite hard, although they seldom complain but you can tell from their facial expression if they like it or not.  They do not like to waste food they will just eat it and never never go back to that place again.

So which searching for a place to eat our lunch we bump into a new restaurant which I have never seen before.  My mom is a teochew and my grandparents are in food biz during the olden days.  So my mom expectation for the teochew food is very high.  So i asked her if she want try this shop, she said ok.

 photo P1110121_zpsbxqsklh6.jpg

So we went in and ordered a few dishes to try.

We ordered the Yam Rice, It was really tasty,  it was not very salty enough to give a lil flavor. 

 photo P1110120_zpsxqzhfjot.jpg

Next was Organ Soup, soup was very flavour full.  My mom said the taste of the soup is very clear but the flavour is there. I guess she mean it was not like heavy broth, they boil all the intestine and other condiment the right amount of time to give it a hint of taste to everything. The taste salted veg actually help to make the soup to be very appetizing. RLOL! been the tam chiak gui, me and brother finish up the soup before my mom could try. So another portion it is for us.
 photo P1110116_zpsw5foqbiv.jpg

Stew duck or Pak Lor duck was ok.  RLOL! I love my mom's pak lo duck better but their stew duck is way better then the others.

 photo P1110117_zpss0hlfpyg.jpg

After that we had the mix platter, which consist of pig ear, pig skin, some intestine and others.  It was so good, that my mom and brother keep on mentioning that "Wah very delicious, very delicious". 

 photo P1110119_zpsbi2vikrg.jpg

Last but not least, the best of all other above is that the big intestine.  We finish the first plate and we order another plate! Actually me and my brother wanted to order third serving, to bad we are to full to eat anymore.

 photo P1110122_zpsv2sptida.jpg

My mom said that was the best meal she ever had that trip.  She said next time must go back and eat at that place again.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kuching Food Festival 2016

This year I been to Kuching Fest once only, first weekend when they open I was not in Kuching.  When I came back was busy with my work and I work over the weekend. I went out for lunch with my cousin on a tuesday, so we decided to go on that Friday nite as my aunty is flying off for holiday on saturday.  So off we go on that Friday nite.  It was so pack that I hardly able to find nice food and interesting food to try.

I see this year there is a lot of impressive structure at the Food Fest.  Guess everybody is trying to be the bold one to lure customer to their stall.

So my first stop is salad stall, I guess we all could do some healthy salad for entree before we engorge ourself with all the good unhealthy food. Well is only once a year we indulge ourself to the max. So this salad was from a Stall name Honey. RLOL...When you are at the stall give the Handsome owner a shout. "Hi Honey"!

 photo P8050204_zpshjuaio1k.jpg

Their salad sauce and Ice Cream is all made from the Stingless Bee Honey.  The Ice Cream is to die for....It was creamy and it leave a mild honey taste lingering on your mouth at the end note.

 photo P8050199_zpscqo8nbgq.jpg

 photo P8050201_zpsrbmdf9kk.jpg

 photo P8050203_zpsm3t4eehj.jpg

Next to the Salad Stall was the GE Sausage which specialized in German Sausage. According to the owner their sauce was home made by their chef and it is a diff everyday.

 photo P8050206_zpshbbu7b8y.jpg

This year there is this new stall selling Korean Food.

 photo P8050210_zpskubcmpvw.jpg

They sell Tteokbokki and Kim Chi Fried Rice, I think they have mellow down the spiciness of the dishes to suit the taste of the local who are unable to eat spicy food.

 photo P8050211_zps54bz5jx4.jpg

 photo P8050212_zpsifcoiv8t.jpg

There is a stall that caught my eyes, the banner says Roll Sandwich and their stall name is Ohyeo Ohyeo which sound like japanese.  Roll Sandwich of Japan?

 photo P8050219_zps49bdpff8.jpg

I ordered the roll sandwich, as I was to see what is that all about.  It turn out that it was like a buritos. You can choose either beef or chicken.  Been the lover of beef for sure it will be beef for me.  The beef sauce pair it with their home made creamy mayo it was yummy!

 photo P8050220_zpsus5lp2u0.jpg

 photo P8050221_zps12hjtzo0.jpg

Next to the Roll Sandwich was Mee Siam Stall, It draw my attention to check out the stall was the Udon Mee Siam. Udon is Japanese and Mee Siam flavour is reminiscent of the flavours of Thailand. So is like Japanese marry to a Thai. I did not order the Udon Mee Siam, I got the normal Mee siam to try.  No regret it was very yummy.  It has a lot of flavour going on in my mouth when i had my first bit. There is sourness, spiciness, sweetness in the prawn paste broth.  Each of the flavour did not overpowering themself.  I learn that they are operating a stall at Big Thumb, Jalan Dogan.  Just in case you are unable to try it go to Big Thumb to try it.

 photo P8050215_zps2pwfyehe.jpg

 photo P8050228_zpspohvn9ug.jpg

Lastly my favorite, the yam cake.  I did not had a chance to take picture of the yam cake or yam ball I bought. This year was the first time i bought the Yam Ball it was like meh....not so good. You can skip the Yam Ball,

 photo P8050226_zpsr71fsnip.jpg

I wanted to try the fried squid from this stall but when i saw the line i gave up.

 photo P8050216_zpsdcijugfb.jpg

 photo P8050218_zpslqntk0am.jpg

Other Food that I did not get to try, I hope that I will be able to go there within this 2 nite to try.

 photo P8050214_zps8ok1pw99.jpg

 photo P8050224_zpspeeqnlih.jpg

 photo P8050208_zpsapqqotrm.jpg

 photo P8050207_zpsr7mgt7sh.jpg

 photo P8050205_zpst3dvjgws.jpg

 photo P8050214_zps8ok1pw99.jpg

Finger cross that i can go one more trip to eat....