Friday, May 10, 2013

Khiaw Chung Cafe @ Ang Cheng Ho

As usual finding a place to eat on saturday and sunday is a big problem for me.  I usually wake up a bit late so by the time I wake up most of the breakfast food has finished.  So last saturday i woke up around 11am.  Couldn't decide where to eat I went for a round with my mom at Ang Cheng Ho area then I pass the corner shop which use to be Khiaw Chung Cafe but i am not sure if they have changed their name or not.  Is been awhile that I did not come to this shop.  When I drove pass by I saw a banner saying "Chicken Rice RM 1.99"! It really caught my attention.

 photo P5040655_zps388b2af9.jpg
Chicken Rice @ RM2.00

Honestly the chicken rice was good.  The chicken is soft and juicy.  The only things I wish for is a bit of flavor to the rice.  Anyway really no complain to it.  What more can i ask for with this RM2.00 chicken rice.

I also ordered the Kolo Mee.  Just normal Kolo mee no complain but nothing to brag about.  Kolo Mee cost me RM2.50.

 photo P5040656_zpsfa429323.jpg