Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Love Soya @ City One Mall

There is so many food outlet open up in City One mall.  I went to We Love Soya few weeks ago with my mom and my brother.

 photo P1013250_zps10320690.jpg

I went in because I saw there is Durian Soya Bean Pudding.  That really catch my eye as durian lover.  I also ordered their original flavour and soya bean milk. The Durian flavoured Soya Bean Pudding is kind of disappointing to me.  As they use durian flavouring.

 photo P1013246_zps54c490db.jpg

The Original Soya Bean Pudding is good.  It was smooth and soft.

 photo P1013248_zps120d9e99.jpg

I love their Soya Bean Milk.  The Milk is thick and very flavourful.

 photo P1013249_zps27457049.jpg