Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ramadhan Buffet 2013 @ Riverside Majestic

Hope that this will be my last Berbuka Puasa Buffet post for this year.

On Monday our vendor invited a few of us to Riverside Majestic for the Berbuka Puasa Buffet.  I did not has a good impression with the buffet.  As previous year I went there with my colleague and the food was "neh".   So I was not so excited about the buffet though, no high hope for good food.  Last year the buffet was at the pool side and this year it was at Cafe Majestic.

Starter and appetizer

 photo P7291685_zpsbfcab638.jpg

 photo P7291688_zps30c4df15.jpg

 photo P7291686_zpse2caaae5.jpg

This cold seaweed is really good!

 photo P7291687_zps71bef322.jpg

 photo P7291708_zpsa390cdf0.jpg

Grill and main course

 photo P7291696_zpse373a30d.jpg

 photo P7291699_zps0038b5c7.jpg

 photo P7291689_zpsb25db29d.jpg

 photo P7291690_zps957c3f98.jpg

 photo P7291698_zps667caeb5.jpg

 photo P7291691_zps901c70f4.jpg

 photo P7291711_zpsa10848ae.jpg

Dessert and bread

 photo P7291693_zpscd4cdb1d.jpg

 photo P7291694_zps038a60fc.jpg

 photo P7291700_zpse011d464.jpg

 photo P7291695_zpsa3debc89.jpg

Although choices is not as much as previous year but I find that the food quality this year is way better.

My plate....

Rendang is very good,  the fried squid is good, BBQ beef is so so only, the yam shoot is really good and the Daging Masak kicap was ok only.  There is the rice wrapped in the banana leave which was cooked with santan was really good too!  The name of that rice is "Burasak".

 photo P7291703_zpsafcfd1d4.jpg

Seaweed is really good, the umai and the chicken liver is not that good.

 photo P7291704_zps44c7373b.jpg

When I was getting my food I saw a guy pass by with a plate of sashimi, I was so so happy to see it.

 photo P7291701_zps295081f7.jpg

 photo P7291702_zpsd9198009.jpg

 photo P7291710_zps99a16b44.jpg

 photo P7291715_zpsf9fb59bd.jpg

My favorite ulam leave was serve there too.  The leave is called "Pucuk Cantik Manis".  The taste of the leave is similar to young mango.

 photo P7291708_zpsa390cdf0.jpg

The laksa is not really that nice.  I guess all hotel not able to make laksa to taste like the outside stall.

 photo P7291711_zpsa10848ae.jpg

Satay was ok

 photo P7291705_zps733a6f18.jpg

The rojak was so so only.  Nothing much to shout about.

 photo P7291713_zps6677d31d.jpg

Wee's dessert plates,  this is the first plate that he took.  The bread pudding is really good.

 photo P7291706_zpse7ac8d0a.jpg

How can a bread lover meal with out bread.  *RLOL*  I was so so stuff from all the food i cannot help myself but to take some bread. The bread is really good I stuff it all in.  No regret!  The butter they serve is very nice too.  Very creamy.

 photo P7291712_zps6ecdf3e5.jpg

I end my meal with a cup of cappuccino.

 photo P7291717_zps573a7491.jpg

While I was enjoying my coffee, my colleague told me actually there is more dessert out side the cafe. Argggghhhh~ I walk out and found my childhood beloved.  RLOL.  I remember my dad will always get me the kueh everytime he goes to the night market. "Celorot" my love.  Too bad their celorot is not nice.  Celorot is a kind of steam cake that make from santan and gula apong and it was wrapped with coconut leaf.

 photo P7291719_zps445eb218.jpg

Fuuuuh! what a meal I was fully stuffed!

Thank You Sam for the invitation!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ramadhan Buffet 2013 @ Merdeka Palace

Last Saturday, one of my colleague invited 10 other colleague and ex trainee to Merdeka Palace's Ramadhan Buffet. The buffet is held at Restorante Beccari.  I thought there will be Italian food serve but it was not the case.  The buffet is RM65nett per person.

When we go there we saw each of the table has a plate of local cakes and kurma.

 photo P7201594_zpsba7417e3.jpg

 photo P7201592_zps82843c44.jpg

Appetizers section, include cold cuts, salad and the local salad which is ulam.

 photo P7201596_zps2bea6175.jpg

 photo P7201597_zps48bcffcb.jpg

 photo P7201602_zps28909926.jpg

 photo P7201599_zps3f241a45.jpg

 photo P7201600_zps5fad0b93.jpg

 photo P7201598_zpsb9add885.jpg

Main dish include vegetables, BBQs, local delights, rice, noodles and a lot of more.

 photo P7201613_zpsc90f872a.jpg

 photo P7201611_zpsb6a94ed0.jpg

 photo P7201612_zpscfed195c.jpg

 photo P7201614_zps1e6f3890.jpg

While the dessert corner was nothing special not many choices.  RLOL! Not that I was able to try each of them.

 photo P7201605_zps84185cb2.jpg

 photo P7201606_zps6315591b.jpg

 photo P7201616_zps56fe0f0f.jpg

 photo P7201610_zpscd563393.jpg

 photo P7201615_zps148bc610.jpg

On my plate that night is.....

 photo P7201621_zps9c35a4ed.jpg

Chicken Shawarma in pita bread.  The taste is ok nothing great.  I find that the chicken is a bit dry.

 photo P7201623_zps4f0e39e7.jpg

I love the jelly fish and the squid.  The cold bidin is so so.  The most that excite me most when I saw it is the tempoyak but it was kind of disspoinment.  I don't like the tempoyak.

 photo P7201618_zps1b21d9d2.jpg

Something that bring back my childhood memory is the sour fruit which is assam payak.  It is very very sour with a hint sweetness but I super love it!

 photo P7201619_zpsc12a9701.jpg

I forgot to take the picture of the noodles which I love.

As usual my favorite things to eat is bread and more bread!  No matter how full I am, I will always try to stuff myself with bread!

 photo P7201622_zpsa14b6cbe.jpg

The satay was good!

 photo P7201620_zpsa6f2547d.jpg

The roti canai is so so

 photo P7201617_zpscecd4884.jpg

Our table was full of food that night,  all the food lovers.  Overall the buffet was good.

 photo P7201624_zps4094f5c4.jpg

We have fun and laughter,  Thanks to Azam for the invitation!

 photo P7201629_zpsc9908216.jpg