Monday, June 10, 2013

Yu Zhi Xiang @ Height Drive Commercial Centre

We went lunch with our vendor the other at this place.  Some people are comparing this to Ah Yu Ker @ Jalan Song.

I ordered the mix fish soup and noodles.  Noodles was ok.  They use handmade noodles.  Handmade noodles normally the noodles is a lil bit broad.  The soup was not bad.

 photo P5220810_zpse65c49ed.jpg

 photo P5220814_zps7e1434bf.jpg

Clement ordered their big prawn tom yam soup!  Look very very appetizing!

 photo P5220817_zpsb984d7aa.jpg

They also ordered fried fish to be shared.  The fish is to big.  Normally this type if fish need to be smaller size and it was fried till crispy.  If it is small enough and it was fried till really crispy you can just eat the whole fish include the bones.