Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pan Mian & Claypot Mee :- 668 Cafe, 101 Commercial Centre

Went to 668 Cafe at 101 for breakfast with Tze Chung Tze Chung told me to try the Pan Mian there. He said is very nice. The Pan Mian here is nice. I like it very much, though it looks oily but it was not.


My mom had the Seafood Claypot Mee. The broth for the soup is full with the prawn taste. If you like strong prawn taste it will taste good but for me i am not really into prawn broth that much.



Jacy said...

if recommended by HO means sedap lo

Jacqueline Cheong said...

Memang pun sedap!!!!!!! RLOL

So normally my recommendation is not sedap issit?

Ms George said...

Have you tried the Pan Mee in Tabuan Stutong? Behind Ambank, Grace cafe, Try the soup one, also very nice. The dried version not so.