Sunday, August 15, 2010

Luncheon @ After 4, Jalan Palm (*HALAL)

It was a day before our muslim friend start their one month duty for Ramadhan.  They will be fasting during the day time.  Atika asked me and Wee out for lunch.  We went to After 4 as it was nearby my office.

It was a cosy and cool place to have lunch.  Setting of the place is very comfortable.  I like to sit at their patio.  To bad on that day the patio is full.

Lunch promotion set, RM5.50 consist of rice with meat and a glass of soft drinks.


Promotion for Dim Sum RM3.50 per basket.  You can choose from the promotional list.



Both promotion is available from 11am - 11pm

One thing i keep noticing about the advertisement board is at the bottom of the board.  It says "No Pork, No Lard, No Cigarette, No Alcohol". Normally No Pork, No Lard, No Alcohol is for the halal food.  Wonder any of the food is been cooked with Cigarette?


So i decided to order from their set lunch.  I ordered Thai Chicken Rice set.  It was fried chicken serve with Thai sauce.  te sauce is Sweet, Sour and lil bit spicy.


Butter Chicken Rice for Wee.  We said that it was his default every time he goes there.


Sweet and Sour Fish Rice for Atika



Ah_Mike said...

is it worth going?

Jacqueline Cheong said...

Yeah. Actually the food is not bad there. Not very expensive. Only thing is that parking will be kind of hard.

Wee said...
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