Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Suckling Piglet @ TJ Anchor House Seafood, TJ Delight

Last weekend, as usual I went "lepak" at my Uncle's Pork Satay Stall @ TJ Delight.  The owner seafood stall next to my uncle's stall is BBQ-ing the piglet.  Then i went to snap the picture of the whole piglet that has not been chopped into pieces.

BBQ Piglet

 As I have to go out that night so I went home after. When I almost reach home my mom called me said they have ordered BBQ piglet ask me to turn back to eat.  I ask why didn't she tell me earlier that they going to order then she ask me back why I never tell her earlier that I am leaving. She said she will keep few pieces for me and it was really few pieces.  I did not get to take picture of the serving.  The bbq is serve with sweet sauce.


The skin of the pig is so crispy and the meat is so juicy.


Orange_Crush said...

:( poor little piglet.

Jacqueline Cheong said...

mana ada poor piglet...poor me lah....two piece left for me :(