Friday, May 4, 2012

Dim Sum Brunch with My Mom @ Pullman, Kuching

Last Sunday I brought my mom to Pullman for dim sum brunch.  Splurge a bit as this is mother's month.  I told her I will not be able to treat her expensive dinner this year, as I have gotten her a new handbags.

Since there is a dinsum promotion going on at Pullman, Kuching.  They have set dim sum price ranging from 29++ to 89++.

Well I ordered the cheapest set which is 29++.  It has 6 type of dim sum, chicken porridge and coconut pudding.

Yam Puff was nice.  I love the filling.


Yam Puff CCC

The egg tart pastry was nice, if only the egg custard could be a lil bit creamier then it will be perfect.

Egg Tart CC

Fried carrot cake a lil bit salty to my taste.

Seafood Fried Carrot Cake 

Chicken porridge was good!

Chicken Porridge CCCC

Chicken Feet was good too...

Chicken Feet CCCC


Har Kau CC

I am not sure if it is about my taste bud halal siew mai will never be as good as non halal siew mai. RLOL

Siew Mai CCC

The total bill amount is RM 45++.  You will be charge RM10 for the chinese tea.


philo said...

Nice food. How about buffet brunch? Any suggestion?

Jacqueline Cheong said...

So far i have not tried any buffet brunch yet.

philo said...

Ok. Let me know if you have any either tried or not...;)

philo said...

What's time this dim sum brunch start? Only available on weekend?

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

dim sum! my all time fave :)

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