Friday, August 31, 2012

Fish and Chips @ Big Nose, Jln Song

I have been going to this shop for awhile.  Is a small and cosy place.   The price of the food here not that expensive.

I went there with my mom once saturday nite to have our dinner.  I was surprise my mom will suggest this place to me.  She only been there once.  

She had their pork chop with mushroom sauce and I ordered Fish and Chips.  I was a bit worried that the fish will have that fishy taste.  I was glad that it does not have that taste meaning to say their fish is fresh.  The fish is looks like pan seared to me.  Give it a try.  I love it!



ahlost said...

no picha of the pork chop??

argh.. another food post.. i'm hungry T_T

Jacqueline Cheong said...

Forgot to take picture of pork chop.....