Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chicken Rice @ World Cafe, Central Park 3rd Mile

I have heard a lot of ppl recommend me to try the chicken rice at this shop.  Few Friday ago, I went to have lunch with Hopey at this shop.  During lunch time it will be pack with ppl.  As there steam their chicken till it cooks not like what the other chicken rice stall they will cook the chicken in big pot of water.  Steamed chicken skin will be tastier and not soggy like those that been put in water to boil.

We were served with soup first.  My first taste of the soup was a shock.  RLOL! It was really salty.  Then I wonder if they actually make a mistakes that day,  so I asked Hopey if the soup is always like that?  She said yes! Ok nm soup salty is fine with me as it was not the main dish.

Then our rice was served, also the rice a bit salty for my taste.
 photo P5170757_zpse0da77d5.jpg

Lastly our chicken arrive after 20min waiting.  The chicken skin is is nice does not look soggy.  Chicken is tender and juicy! Then again it is a bit salty for my taste.
 photo P5170761_zpsbf8c9e74.jpg

Overall the chicken is tender and juicy.  Just wish that if they did not cook the rice that salty it will actually help to balance out the saltiness of the chicken.  I just realise that they did not serve us with soya sauce.  Maybe that is why they did not serve us with soya sauce as it is already very salty.


yien said...

Not my favourite one too....!

Jacqueline Cheong said...

very salty...

Han said...

The soup being overly salty is kind of classic of this shop, it has been that salty since the first time I ate at this outlet, and I've no idea what is the purpose of such saltiness. They have a very disciplined method to serve you all the small little side dips, soya sauce, the chilli dipping and the belacan dipping. I can say that the belacan and chilli is pretty spicy and if you eat plenty of those, the overly salty soup does little to soothe your tongue, and it gets even worse if you order a hot drink. I can never quite sip the hot drink after having plentiful of those chilli. Talk about suffering :P