Monday, July 22, 2013

Ramadhan Buffet 2013 @ Merdeka Palace

Last Saturday, one of my colleague invited 10 other colleague and ex trainee to Merdeka Palace's Ramadhan Buffet. The buffet is held at Restorante Beccari.  I thought there will be Italian food serve but it was not the case.  The buffet is RM65nett per person.

When we go there we saw each of the table has a plate of local cakes and kurma.

 photo P7201594_zpsba7417e3.jpg

 photo P7201592_zps82843c44.jpg

Appetizers section, include cold cuts, salad and the local salad which is ulam.

 photo P7201596_zps2bea6175.jpg

 photo P7201597_zps48bcffcb.jpg

 photo P7201602_zps28909926.jpg

 photo P7201599_zps3f241a45.jpg

 photo P7201600_zps5fad0b93.jpg

 photo P7201598_zpsb9add885.jpg

Main dish include vegetables, BBQs, local delights, rice, noodles and a lot of more.

 photo P7201613_zpsc90f872a.jpg

 photo P7201611_zpsb6a94ed0.jpg

 photo P7201612_zpscfed195c.jpg

 photo P7201614_zps1e6f3890.jpg

While the dessert corner was nothing special not many choices.  RLOL! Not that I was able to try each of them.

 photo P7201605_zps84185cb2.jpg

 photo P7201606_zps6315591b.jpg

 photo P7201616_zps56fe0f0f.jpg

 photo P7201610_zpscd563393.jpg

 photo P7201615_zps148bc610.jpg

On my plate that night is.....

 photo P7201621_zps9c35a4ed.jpg

Chicken Shawarma in pita bread.  The taste is ok nothing great.  I find that the chicken is a bit dry.

 photo P7201623_zps4f0e39e7.jpg

I love the jelly fish and the squid.  The cold bidin is so so.  The most that excite me most when I saw it is the tempoyak but it was kind of disspoinment.  I don't like the tempoyak.

 photo P7201618_zps1b21d9d2.jpg

Something that bring back my childhood memory is the sour fruit which is assam payak.  It is very very sour with a hint sweetness but I super love it!

 photo P7201619_zpsc12a9701.jpg

I forgot to take the picture of the noodles which I love.

As usual my favorite things to eat is bread and more bread!  No matter how full I am, I will always try to stuff myself with bread!

 photo P7201622_zpsa14b6cbe.jpg

The satay was good!

 photo P7201620_zpsa6f2547d.jpg

The roti canai is so so

 photo P7201617_zpscecd4884.jpg

Our table was full of food that night,  all the food lovers.  Overall the buffet was good.

 photo P7201624_zps4094f5c4.jpg

We have fun and laughter,  Thanks to Azam for the invitation!

 photo P7201629_zpsc9908216.jpg

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ahlost said...

Ooohh.. they have roasted lamb and shawarma in pita bread too !!! But choices not that much compared to BCCK right? Initially I wanted to go try, but.. erm.. wait.. there's no salmon sashimi??

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