Monday, October 7, 2013

Vietnamese Food Festival @ Puzzle Cafe, Pullman Kuching

I am so sorry that this post came up after the promotion period.  Do look up for their next Vietnamese promotion.  Hope they will have another round of it.  Just last year i went to Vietnam with my friend.  I love their food very very much.  I am very happy that Pullman has this promotion the other day.

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Pullman has invited 2 Vietnamese guest chef from Hanoi. They cooked up authentic Vietnamese dishes at Puzzle and Nu Er Hong.  Chef Viet Anh Nguyen worked for Four Season George V Paris hotel, at the 3 Star Michelin restaurant before returning home to Hanoi where he worked for the Sofitel Legend Metropole.

 photo P8231954_zps2eb1e27d.jpg
Chef Viet Anh Nguyen

 photo P8231885_zps522d89d0.jpg
Ho Tay Prawn Fritters

 photo P8232047_zpsd206e93b.jpg
Prawn on Sugar Cane

 photo P8232010_zps1f383e41.jpg
Hue Roll Noodles & Shrimp Pickle with Chilli

 photo P8231914_zps6fe51661.jpg
Green Papaya Salad & Grilled Beef

 photo P8231921_zpsb1b6b98d.jpg
Chicken Salad with Herbs

 photo P8231934_zps5ed1a26f.jpg
Pamelo Salad with Prawn Southern Style

 photo P8231925_zps5a24d4c9.jpg
Green Mango and Crispy Mud fish Salad

 photo P8231938_zps8e88923a.jpg
Duck Sliced

 photo P8231942_zps6c0f482a.jpg
Smoked Fish salad

 photo P8232016_zpsac4b8d93.jpg

 photo P8232015_zpsd83820e1.jpg
Prawn Steamed Pancake (LOVING IT!!)

 photo P8231900_zpsc5ad4c99.jpg
Grilled Squid & Chilli

 photo P8231902_zpse48d85d5.jpg
Braised chicken with lotus and Mushroom

 photo P8231899_zps7f74d756.jpg
Grilled Prawn & Traditional Vietnamese Fish Cake

 photo P8231910_zps45c65f61.jpg
Fried rice with Crab meat & Onion

 photo P8231906_zpseb161c10.jpg
Sweet and Sour fish

 photo P8231897_zps0fed1a3f.jpg

 photo P8231956_zps419e239c.jpg
Beef Pho

Chef preparing beef pho for us!
 photo P8231953_zpse296a496.jpg

Dessert time!

 photo P8231946_zps0bda42ce.jpg
Vietnamese Coffee Jelly

 photo P8231949_zps22692254.jpg
Pamelo Sweet Soup (SUPER DELICIOUS! Caught by surprise!)

How can a vietnamese meal without their famous Vietnamese coffee!

 photo P8232019_zpsfadd9e79.jpg

 photo P8232022_zpsa377ee1a.jpg

Pullman GM's and the guest from Vietnam

 photo P8232012_zpsf4245c74.jpg

This is me cleaning up the food!

 photo P8232049_zps1273c78d.jpg

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