Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Love Soya @ City One Mall

There is so many food outlet open up in City One mall.  I went to We Love Soya few weeks ago with my mom and my brother.

 photo P1013250_zps10320690.jpg

I went in because I saw there is Durian Soya Bean Pudding.  That really catch my eye as durian lover.  I also ordered their original flavour and soya bean milk. The Durian flavoured Soya Bean Pudding is kind of disappointing to me.  As they use durian flavouring.

 photo P1013246_zps54c490db.jpg

The Original Soya Bean Pudding is good.  It was smooth and soft.

 photo P1013248_zps120d9e99.jpg

I love their Soya Bean Milk.  The Milk is thick and very flavourful.

 photo P1013249_zps27457049.jpg


yienyien said...

whyyy!! the durian one not nice ha?

Jacqueline Chong said...

I dun like durian flavoring's taste....if fresh durian i will like it...

ahlost said...

i always wanted to try but then everytime i wanted to go, i see no people in the shop. So, I didn't go in until today :D

Jacqueline Chong said...

so so only...but i like the soya bean milk...very rich

WeLove Soya said...

Hi Jac !
We are happy that you've tasted our products and share it here in your lovely blog !
Well we didn't actually know about this until now. D:
(forgive us will ya?)
Thank you for loving our soy milk !

But let us humbly explain a little about our durian beancurd so you might have a clearer info for Durian beancurd.

Our durian beancurd isn't 100% simply made of flavoring.
It's actually a custom recipe of durian-to-powder which from a famous food processing company called G&K food s/b. (and never forget our premium soy powder is in it, too!)

Our durian flavor is mixed with sweet corn after many feedback and tests so it's more acceptable to most of our customer, even to some people who doesn't like durian, they fall in love for it !

Still, we can never improve without food lover like you ! So we would like to thank you here again, giving us your very precious opinion and thought of our product. We will definitely look into it and find every possible way to make it perfect ! We are flattered, thank you, thank you. :)

Now, I will go through your blog to see which undiscovered food is in there.(I can't resist delicious food at all)

Keep this awesome blog up Jac! =D

Jacqueline Chong said...

Hi There,

Thanks for the comment. Will you be launching a durian flavor without the sweet corn? That will be more yummilicious to my taste bud! LoL!