Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tune Hotels @ KLIA 2

During my last holiday trip, me and my mom stayed overnite at Tune Hotels KLIA 2.  This is my first time there.  There is no shuttle bus like last time at LCCT anymore we have to walk all the way to the hotel.  We make a big round and round cause I cannot find the covered path there.  Silly me...RLOL.  When I reach the main door of the hotel only to realize that the covered corridor is so so near.

This tune hotels is a full service hotel as they has include the toiletries, aircond, entertainment and wifi.  This is better than the old tune hotel at LCCT. The room is much nicer and bigger. The price of the room is almost the same with LCCT tune hotels just that this has more facilities.

 photo tuneKLIA2_zps6e773e99.jpg

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Anonymous said...

This is always a problem I find in the airport appropriate signs to facilities. Might I suggest Tune Hotel place a information or adversitising in the arrival area or some direction to their hotel. I walk throught the basement floor only to realise also an under cover walk to the KLIA2. The other thing is the under nearest to KlIA2 is plain and boring white walls. I am sure tune and other companies eg mobile phone would take advantage to advertise, instead of leaving it plain with nothing.