Sunday, May 31, 2015

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah @ Ipoh, Perak

Before I went over to Ipoh my friend tell me that I must try the tau fu fah from this shop. He told me this shop tau fu fah is famous in Ipoh and there is a lot of ppl queuing up for it.

While we are on the way to go out to find the chicken rice shop we passby this shop and indeed there is a lot of ppl queuing outside the shop.

 photo _MG_9052_zpsclze2iow.jpg

 photo _MG_9050_zpsvz7hcdca.jpg

 photo _MG_9051_zpsxa0eh9ay.jpg

We send our tourist guide to go to thru the crowd to snatch a bow for us to try.  RLOL!

 photo _MG_9054_zpsjmix2bsp.jpg

The verdict for this tau fu fah is that the texture of the tau fu fah is very smooth and it was not too soft.  Is like a lil bit milder springy.  The sweetness is not overpowering the taste of the original soy milk taste.

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