Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pork Ribs Curry :- 9898 Seafood - 98 Cafe, 1 TJ

Not long ago my cousin ask me out to go yam cha with them. That was already like 11.30pm. As his shop is around tabuan jaya area he wanted to go to 98 cafe near to 1 TJ. The seafood stall owner introduce him to have pork ribs curry. The owner said they don't cook that dish all the time. At first I was thinking to have coffee only no food. So my cousin in law and our friend ordered the pork ribs curry rice. When the food was serve the curry does smell good. Got so hungry after enjoying the smell. At last i ordered the curry rice but never regretted it as it was so good. The curry gravy is so thick but it was not that oily.


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daphnieyong said...

hey jac,
my fren's sis owned this kopitiam. the foods from the seafood stall are really yummy, their cooking style is different. altho a bit pricey but u will never get in other places. hey, u should also try the kolo mee there, i heard its yummy too!