Thursday, June 20, 2013

One 1 Food @ Chan Chin Ann Road

Went there for brunch with my mom on a weekend. I ordered Cantonese Kueh Tiao and my mom ordered Tomato Bee Hoon.  This is a place that I will not go back.  Unless I heard lotsa good review on their food, maybe I will go back to try.

Cantonese Kueh Tiao tasteless.  Sad....

 photo P6040910_zps4ade6e03.jpg

My mom Tomato Bee Hoon, gravy was so so only.  The potion of the bee hoon is so lil that even a small eater like my mom said it is not enough.  It is full of gravy only.

 photo P6040907_zps9c1249d5.jpg

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