Monday, July 22, 2013

Me and my friends went to Yogyakarta in April 2013.  It was fun and short trip.  We did tried a lot of their local food.  I love most of their food.  Except for one dish which is Gudeg which is to sweet for my liking.

First day when we reach Yogyakarta our itinerary is to go to Prambanan.  When we reach Yogyakarta is noon time.  Since we only had light breakfast we are all super hungry.  After we settled in our hotel, our tour guide brought us to a restaurant which he mention that the restaurant serve their national dish.  Their national dish is Gudeg.  I am lucky I ordered the shredded chicken,  the chicken is to sweet for my liking.  My friends they either ordered drumstick or chicken wing the potion is quite big.  The egg was cooked till the egg white become tough.  I quite like the egg though.

 photo P4170283_zps1369ca35.jpg

While waiting for our food to be serve,  there is a barrel of chips on the table.  Each pieces is RM0.30.  Hopey said that the chips taste like the wheel barrow chips that we use to eat when we are young.  It actually bring back the childhood memory when my dad use to buy this for me.

 photo P4170280_zps91017d36.jpg

 photo P4170279_zps6b20a311.jpg

In the evening time we went to Malioboro Mall for dinner.  We went to a small food court near by the supermarket downstair.  Food is not bad. 

 photo P4170374_zps62b43c2c.jpg

 photo P4170372_zpseb20a120.jpg

 photo P4170371_zpsddf5f93f.jpg

I did not get to take the picture of the choices of instant noodles at the supermarket.  It has so many choices. We cannot help not to buy it.  We bought some of it.  Interesting to see so many choices.

I pass by the waffle stall and saw they are selling "Kai Tang Cai"  I forgot what they name it.  I ordered one and kind of disappointed cause it was burnt. :(

 photo P4180405_zps7cabc4c8.jpg

Second day itinerary was to go watch sunrise at Barabudor but it was raining.  Since it was raining we decided to move the sunrise tour to the next day. We detour back to hotel to catch up with our sleep.  RLOL!  As we have wake up at 3am that morning.   It was a free and easy day for that day.

We went out and walk for awhile and get a trishaw to Malioboro Street area.  Half way to Malioboro Street we saw a Bakso paddler.  We decided to give it a try.

 photo P4180402_zps243f1dcc.jpg

 photo P4180403_zps30cac840.jpg

Bakso is quite good.  I was telling Hopey that the soup is really tasty.  Hopey told that he put in a whole spoonful of MSG!

When we are walking and shopping along the Malioboro street we came to a street where a lot of food stall. I bought 1 piece of Martabak from one of the stall.

 photo P4180410_zps14a7350c.jpg

 photo P4180411_zps4ce95309.jpg

It is something like a square fried popiah.  With hidden quail egg in it.  It was really good and I regretted for buying only 1 pieces.  I went back there again the next day and got 6 pieces!

After we are done shopping at Malioboro Street we went to the biggest and newest mall in Yogyakarta, Ambarrukmo mallp.

Since it has pass our lunch time we decided to go up to the food court on top floor to grab our late lunch.

 photo P4180419_zpsc3550260.jpg
Ginger Chicken in Claypot

 photo P4180417_zpsd54eb3f9.jpg
Kung Pow Chicken Rice

 photo P4180422_zps21ac49b7.jpg

 photo P4180425_zps27694409.jpg
Bakso and the side dishes

After the good lunch we went to A&W as Hopey was craving for their waffle.  We ordered a piece of waffle to be shared as we are still full from our lunch.

 photo P4180428_zpsf2d7fe24.jpg

After that we went around shopping till around evening time, then we went to Carrefour.  We continue to shop around carrefour and we stopped by at the cooked food section.  

 photo P4180437_zpsde2adfbc.jpg
Fried popiah

 photo P4180430_zps535ec161.jpg
Fried Chicken Skin

We found a food that has a very very interesting name.  It is called "Kapal Selam" which mean submarine.

 photo P4180432_zpsfcbbc2c5.jpg

 photo P4180431_zpsd9fcb1cb.jpg

We decided to buy some food and eat in our hotel room.  So we go around to see what to buy for dinner. My cousin got excited and come over and tell is they sell siew mai there.  So me and Hopey went over to see.  We thought they siew mai as Sio May.   It wasn't the siew mai.  It is something like a rojak.  

 photo P4180436_zps697ecf92.jpg

 photo P4180435_zps437cbae4.jpg

 photo P4180433_zps9c8b8c11.jpg

 photo P4180438_zpsa352d350.jpg

It is surprisingly good.  :)

When we reach hotel we decided to go buy the fried noodles and fried rice that wendy told us about.  It was nearby our hotel.  The fried noodles and fried rice indeed is really good.  

 photo P4180441_zps3a90adcb.jpg

 photo P4180440_zpsd48c2698.jpg

Our food for the room party that nite.  We can't even finish, to much.  We have whole chicken, fried chicken skin, fried noodles, fried rice, fruits and bak pia.

 photo P4180443_zpsb67e8d90.jpg

The itinerary for 3rd suppose to watch sunrise at Barabudor but to bad the weather is still not that good.
We cancel our plan and decided to go just to visit the temple that's all.  After the going around the temple, it was lunch time.  We went to have our lunch at the stall nearby the temple.

I had Nasi Ayam Goreng + Lalapan.  I cried while eating my rice.  RLOL! It was so so so spicy! 

 photo P4190493_zps950c6213.jpg

 photo P4190494_zpsc7dca45c.jpg

I ordered iced black coffee.  At first when I look at it I was kind of dissapointed as the coffee bean is floating all over the coffee but I still manage to finish it all cause the sambal from the lalapan is so spicy.

 photo P4190492_zps4cba93d2.jpg

My friend had Bakso and Nasi Goreng Ayam.

 photo P4190495_zps3f21461c.jpg

 photo P4190498_zpsee0c7058.jpg

That night we decided to hang out at the poolside cafe for some beer and supper.  We try to get beer from the 24hrs store nearby our hotel the night before, they don't sell alcohol there.  

 photo P4200555_zpse94719c7.jpg

 photo P4190549_zps384c28ea.jpg

 photo P4190550_zpsac962b73.jpg

 photo P4190551_zps5a8c299e.jpg

 photo P4190553_zpsb6cd5200.jpg

 photo P4190552_zps08aecc5a.jpg

The next morning we splurge RM11 for their buffet breakfast.  It was so cheap!  I was surprise to see they serve fried bean sprout on their breakfast buffet table.

 photo P4200559_zps7de51894.jpg

 photo P4200558_zps5505ff12.jpg

 photo P4200556_zps8cb9f99f.jpg

 photo P4200557_zpsb43d299f.jpg

The fried bee hoon is so good!


Patricia Charles said...

the kapal selam is one of the Pempek's family members. They have Pempek Lenjer, Ada'an, the famous is Kapal Selam (has boiled egg inside).

Tia said...

looks like the food there are yummy...

ahlost said...

Wow.. really a lot of foooodd in Yogyakarta..

why no pic of you and friends one??

yien said...

Wooots!!! The first long post in! !! Me likey!!! Im waiting for more. Muahahha

Jacqueline Chong said...

@Patricia I did not get to try it cause we have bought a lot of food. Sadness....

@Tia Yeah there is a lot of nice food there but some of their food lean toward sweet taste.

@ahlost cannot put my friend face ler see food du ok liao mah

@yien "bleh"

Jacqueline Chong said...

Wonder is i should post my long due post of vietnam food? RLOL